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Doriath Militia

The folk of Doriath may be unaccustomed to the ravages of war, having lived long under the protection of the Girdle of Melian, yet when called to arms they are more than capable of forming a battle line and presenting an effective defence against any foe; for they had not always been at peace, and have on occasion been moved to skirmish against Orc raiders sent by the Dark Lord into Beleriand. Robed in muted hues and the grey garb of their people, they can easily hide in the woods and disappear from enemy eyes; and they march into battle armed with simple spears and sturdy round wooden shields bearing the royal device of the King and the flowery devices of their beloved princess, Lúthien the Fair.

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Silmarils - LiveSilmarils - LiveSilmarils - LiveSilmarils - Live