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The worst repression reportedly occurred after the guerillas were largely defeated in 1977, when the church, labor unions, artists, intellectuals and university students and professors were targeted. Although the Montoneros reported having carried out some 600 armed attacks in 1977, the guerrilla threat had greatly declined. [27] The junta justified this mass terror by exaggerating the guerrilla threat, and even staged attacks to be blamed on guerillas and used frozen dead bodies of guerilla fighters that had been kept in storage for this purpose. [28] In late 1979, Amnesty International accused the Videla military government of being responsible for the disappearance of 15,000 to 20,000 Argentine citizens since the 1976 coup. [29] That year, a special study by the New York City Bar concluded that around 10,000 Argentines had disappeared since the coup. [30] According to Registro Unificado de Víctimas del Terrorismo de Estado (Ruvte), 662 were disappeared under the presidency of Isabel Perón and 6,348 were disappeared during the military dictatorship. [31]

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Various - More Dirty DancingVarious - More Dirty DancingVarious - More Dirty DancingVarious - More Dirty Dancing