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This product should ONLY be used by trained professionals This clearcoat has a self contained hardener right in the can. Once the hardener is activated (by pressing down on the special pin on the bottom of the can), the hardener is released. By shaking the can for approximately two minutes, you now have an catalyzed clearcoat in a spray can which dries hard and shiny. You will not need to use rubbing compound with this product. The product must be used within 12 hours after activation.

This formula contains Isocyanates and is very toxic so don"t even think about spraying this product without proper respiratory protection! Make sure you use a protective respirator designed for Isocyanates. The respirators we sell on the site are approved for use with this paint.

Again, we only recommend professionals purchase this product with spraying experience. This is a very unforgiving product, as once it is sprayed, it cannot be easily removed or repaired!

To recoat or fix any imperfections (. dust, drips, etc.) wait at least two days and then you can either recoat the surface or you can use rubbing compound.

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